Patient Testimonials

Before and After Photo - Permanent Cosmetics of Maryland

Susan does amazing work. She is very sensitive to the needs and feelings of her clients. I would recommend her to anyone.

Theresa B.

Before and After Photo - Permanent Cosmetics of Maryland

As soon as my eyebrows were done I had people looking at me in a different way saying you look different, but I'm not sure what it is, but you look good! I smiled and share my secret.

Bunny K.

Before and After Photo - Permanent Cosmetics of Maryland

I love my eye brows and eyeliner that is now permanent and always looks natural and great. I have received so many compliments and made so many women jealous. It is worth every penny you pay and guarantee no one will ever be disappointed in the quality of work and the friendliness of P.C. of MD.

Pat M.

Before and After Photo - Permanent Cosmetics of Maryland

Susan was amazing! Have been so embarrassed for so long with no eyebrows! I feel so much better about myself and smile when I look in the mirror.

Deborah I.

Susan was wonderful! Very professional & welcoming. I was completely comfortable & beyond pleased with the finished product. I would recommend her to anyone!

Megan G.

I actually wanted to send you an email the morning after my appointment, or maybe I should say the morning after you changed my life! I know that sounds dramatic, but there is no other way to describe what you did for me & I know if anyone knows what I mean by life changing, it's you.

I'm sure I am 1 out of countless women you have helped to look better, feel better & given back the gift of time, from so many hours every single day trying to create eyebrows. The work you do is amazing & I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.

I love the eyebrows you created for me, I love the color, the shape & how it changes my whole appearance. I love the worry free mornings before work & most of all, the greatest vacation I have had in years with my husband. I didn't have all the worry& stress of spending hours wasted trying to draw eyebrows on, then on top of all the time to try to create them, being worried every second if they are still on, smudged & I stopped being able to go swimming many years ago because of it. I missed jumping in the ocean or pool so much. I actually swam in the ocean with my husband, even going under water, diving in & splashing around, which is something I have not been able to do in years.

I could go on forever about how special, wonderful & life changing what you do for people is but I'm sure you already know how great the work you do is!


MUST READ ! To all women, you must go see Susan. You will love her and her office . Susan gave me back a face and eyes to be noticed ! I love it. I had my permanent eyeliner done about 2 months ago and love , love, love it. So I decided to get my eyebrow permanently also. They look so natural and now I never need to worry about swimming, or exercising again. When I get up every morning I cannot believe what a difference it makes. I feel alive and younger! I can run out to the store or anywhere without any other make up on and feel made up. No more makeup running down my face, no more smearing or smudges or raccoon eyes ! Yeah !!! It will be the absolute best investment in yourself you will ever make ... Promise !!!

Michele D., Parkville, MD

Susan Davis of Permanent Cosmetics , let me just say first that she is a delightful women ! Susan makes you feel very at ease. I had my permanent eyeliner done. My children gave it to me as a gift for Christmas. I absolutely cannot tell you how thrilled I am with it! It is absolutely the BEST thing I have ever had done for myself ! There is no down time at all. And I must tell everyone, that it does NOT hurt. It feels weird whie having the procedure done, but no pain. The office is very sterile and clean and Susan has a way of relaxing you and making you feel very comfortable. I am now going to get my permanent eyebrows done next and I cannot wait !!! Ladies if you wear eyeliner or your eyebrows are thinning you MUST have these procedure done. You will NEVER have to worry about not looking good whenever and where ever you go. Even with out makeup you will always look good. Rather swimming, exercising, or even going into the hospital for surgery. No more makeup running in your eyes or wearing off . Susan also does other permanent cosmetic services . PLEASE YOU MUST CHECK OUT HER WEB SITE !

Absolutely love it and would do it all over again because it is so terrific !

Michele D., Parkville, MD

When I lost my eyebrows to alopecia, I went to Susan Davis on the recommendation of a friend. Let me say this, especially to others with alopecia: if you want beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows, do not go anywhere else. Ms. Davis was so warm and understanding. She also possesses an artist's eye for detail, so she will ensure every bit - the height, the thickness, the color, the arch - is 100% perfect before she finishes.

When my mother saw me after the procedure, she said, it's the old you! I could have received no better boost to my self-confidence. Thank you, Susan!

Kate J., Columbia, MD

I have been having permanent cosmetics applied to my eyebrows for 20 years, my lips for 10 and my eyeliner for 10.

Susan Davis is by far the best of all the practices I have visited.

Yes, Susan is a little more expensive but now I NOW WHY!! She is an artist, a perfectionist and a true professional.

I will never go anywhere else.

Please, see Susan first....don't go somewhere cheap and get a bad tattoo on your face that Susan will have to fix. Get it right the first time. Save yourself the trouble.

Liz M., Woodstock, MD

I had my follow-up appointment a couple of months ago, and I wanted to report that I have been pleased with this process every step along the way. Susan and her staff were professional, pleasant to work with, and Susan did a stellar job. Very pleased with my results.

Jamie I., Silver Spring, MD

One of the best eyebrow tattoo artist . She is so precise and explains everything step by step . Makes your eyebrows look extremely natural . Highly recommended .

Nikki L., McLean, VA

This is my second time having Susan Davis do my permanent makeup. She is a perfectionist! She will not do anything that she thinks will not be good for you or your skin. She informs you thoroughly and is always checking to make sure you are in no pain. She is quite personable and you can view her own permanent makeup on her face. She is conservative in a good way not going beyond that which you are not comfortable with. Everyone I know has been totally and I mean totally happy with her work. I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically.

Marianne T., Washington, DC